Fully Auto Stitching Machine (Stitcher)

Paper/Plastic Packaging
Corrugated(Corrugating) carton making (Corrugator)

Feeding Section:

Belt type lead edger feeder with individual adjustment


Folding Section:

Pre- Crusher of  blanks  during stitching  or  gluing process


Squaring Section:

Squaring function for avoiding fish-tailing


Stitching Section:

Servo motor controlled; High performance of oscillating stitching head 1000 stitches/min; Variable stitching modes a) Single stitch b) Tie stitches c) Double stitches


Auto Counter Ejector:



72 HP

Max. width

800 ㎜

Width of machine


Min. width

170 ㎜

Speed of stitching head

1000 stitch/Min

Machine length

19 M

Max. TS

40 ㎜

Machine weight

21000 ㎏s

Max. Length

800 ㎜

Pitch of single & double pin

40-90 ㎜

Min. Length

170 ㎜

Pitch of Tie Nail

40-70 ㎜

Speed of Gluer

110 m/min