Offset Box Making

Automatic Folder Gluer

  Automatic Folder Gluer Feature: 1.Feeder unit A.combination of stepless speed changer and electromagnetic clutch,which can adjust the speed of feeder belt. B.unique mechanical design concept, side block and feeder knife are easy to change which is convenient for box size change. C.movable paper holder, convenient for box length adjustment. 2.Pre-folding unit A.Adopt Two Rails Transferring Belt. B.First Folding Line With Detached 180o Pre-Folding Device. C.Third Folding Line With 135o Pre-Folding Device, Easy To install With Stable Quality. more info: Keywords: Automatic Folder Gluer,folder gluer,offset box making,box making

Auto Die Cutting machine

  Diecutting Machine Features: Main Functions (1)LCD screen dialogue window displays all kinds of information with recording and setting funtions (2)Feeder can start sending out first sheet of paper during high speed operation with fast speed and high accruacy. more info: Keywords: Automatic Diecutting machine,Die Cutter,Die cutting machine,Auto Die cutter,offset box making

Offset Printing machine (Water base)

  Offset Printing Machine Feature: - Machine design ¡Psturdy structure and perfect function, divide into top and below based. - Roller structure ¡Pthe mode of rubber roller plus scraper makes ink even and well mixed to increase printing quality. - The system of moisten printing plate ¡Pusing a clutch to auto control. ¡Pwhile adjusting, moisten the printing plate with a withdrawal roller, to save time and without ink to block the plate. - The printing net dots are clear for color shiny and smooth, especially for full surface cardboard and Kraft coated, the ink dry quickly and conveniently for the next process. more info: Keywords: Offset printing machine,water-base printing machine,printing machine,offset printer,offset box making,box making

UV Coating Machine

  UV Coating Machine Designed for thick paper use, equipped with three units i.e. Dust Cleaner for cleaning powder or dust from printed-paper surface; Primer Coater for applying water or solvent based primer coating before UV coating; UV Coater for UV varnishing; Fully auto control by PLC + Touch screen. more info: Keywords: UV Coating Machine,coating machine,UV coater,offset box making,box making