Flexible Packaging

CI Flexo Printing Machine

  CI Flexo Printing Machine Feature: Central impression is designed especially for extensible materials printed along with support of big cylinder that give precise color registration. Gearing of printing cylinder metric, M2 helical gears, AC motor with digital frequency inverter, friendly operation. more info: http://www.ipack.com.tw/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=93:ci-flexo-printing-machine&catid=46&Itemid=230 Keywords: CI flexo printing machine,flexo printing machine,flexo printer,flexible packaging

LN-FE-High Speed Six Cololrs Flexographic Priniting Press (Doctor Blade Chamber)

  Feature: 1.Eliminates the conventional troublesome operation sequences, this machine utilizes a PLC controller for easy operation. 2.A colorful touch screen controller is available convenience of operation (optional). 3.The best selling model 1997-2000 more info: http://product.ipack.com.tw/profile/index8886.html?action=detail&productid=170 Keywords: LN-FE-High Speed Six Cololrs Flexographic Priniting Press (Doctor Blade Chamber),Flexographic Printer,6C flexographic printer,flexible packaging

LN-LDA-Dry Laminating Machine

  Feature: 1. Designed for laminating various packaging materials and hard to laminate materials such as nylon, aluminum foil,etc. 2. Double-shaft turret type unwinder and rewinder allows for automatic material changing and splicing while high-speed running,reducing defect ratio to minimum. 3. Automatic tension control throughout combined with dancer roller device for eliminating tension variation and ensuring superior lamination quality. 4. Four zones of high efficiency drying chambers provides superior laminating performance in high speed operation. more info: http://product.ipack.com.tw/profile/index8082.html?action=detail&productid=179 Keywords: LN-LDA-Dry Laminating Machine,dry laminating,laminating machine,laminator,flexible packaging

LN-LW-Wet Laminating Machine

  Feature: 1. APPLICABLE LAMINATING MATERIALS: MAIN MATERIAL: Paper (25-250g/¢T) SUB-MATERIAL: Aluminum foil (6-20£g),PET and OPP GLUE PROPERTY: Water soluable. more info: http://product.ipack.com.tw/profile/index2001.html?action=detail&productid=181 Keywords: LN-LW-Wet Laminating Machine,Wet laminating,laminating machine,laminator,flexible packaging

IP-HV / Slitter Rewinder (Micro-Computer Control)

  Feature: The cantilever (swing out) rewinding shafts, materials, and product are all handled from the same side of the machine. The unit also features a centralized control system, allowing this unit to be easily handled by a single operator. The rewinding mechanism is designed incorporating single friction (by bakelite) to overcome the problems of material thickness variation. The transmission mechanism is specially designed to ensure stable operation and perfect edge smoothness. The entire transmission mechanism employs bearings to ensure ease of maintenance. more info: http://product.ipack.com.tw/profile/indexab89.html?action=detail&productid=247 Keywords: Slitting rewinder,slitter rewinder,flexible packaging