Corrugated Board Making

Multi-cassette Positive Pressure Single Facer

Model no.: MSF-30P Features:  -New model MSF-30P developed by hands-on concept, proved to present the superior     mechanical construction, characteristics and operation control of whole machine  -Lubrication system between corrugating roll/pressure roll adopted anti-high temperature and grease, away from bearings carbonized, extended life of bearings  -Corrugation roll/pressure roll equipped with oil pressure system harmony with accumulator, which has the stability of oil pressure control and cushioning effect of pneumatic control; micro-adjustment of rolls uses oil pressure motor to avoid using A.C. motor's defect  -Design of MSF-30P considered lowering center of gravity, reducing vibration and improving fluted shape of the corrugating roll during grinding for smooth production more info: Keywords: Single facer,Multi-cassette Positive Pressure Single Facer,corrugated machine,corrugating

Double Facer

      Features: 1. Complete heating and cooling section. 2. Main motor driving. 3. Pneumatic adjustable canvas strectcher. 4. Adjustable weight roll. 5. Optional shoe press ensures excellent quality. more info: Keywords: Double facer

NC Slitter Scorer

Features: 1. Razor type slitter device. 2. Motorized adjustable heads for quick order set. 3. Machine unit motorized lateral adjustable. 4. Optional quick order change for continuous production. more info: Keywords: NC Slitter Scorer, slitter scorer

Double Down Stacker

Features: 1. Smooth down for uniform stacks. 2. Preset stack height control. 3. Optional production control system. more info: Keywords: Double down stacker, Auto down stacker, Auto double down stacker

Auto Splicer

Model no. SP-S2 Features: 1. Suitable for Mill Roll Stand: Swing type 2. Max. paper roll's diameter: 1500 mm 3. Unwind speed: 120 m/min 4. Unwind time: Approximate 3 seconds more info: Keywords: Auto splicer,splicer,corrugated,corrugating,board making,carton making,mill roll stand

Double Gluer

Model no. GU-D4 Features: 1. Glue roller with netting dents, engraving and     plated-chrome treatment 2. Doctor roller is well treated by grind and plated-chrome 3. Pressure roll controlled by pneumatic system 4. Equipped with preheating roller 5. Gap control between glue roll/doctor roll, glue    roll/pressure roll controlled by electric micro-adjustment     and digital indication more info: Keywords: Double gluer,gluing machine,double glue machine,corrugated machine,corrugating machine,board making,carton making machine

NC Cut Off

Features: Preset digital control for cutting length and order size. Accurate cutting ensures best performance. Auto order change device. Dual-Helical rotary cutting type more info: Keywords: NC Cutter