PET Auto Raining/Filling/Capping equipment


  Feature: - Use a screw shaft and a star wheel to feed in the bottles to ensure stable run. - The machine case and the parts contacting with the materials are made of stainless steel. - Use frequency changer to control the main machine motor. - Equipped with an output number indicating function that is easy to control the adjustment of the output. - The suspending driving gear set makes maintenance simple and easy. - Utilize the electric motor driving to adjust the height of bottle washing, filling and capping machines. more info: Keywords: AUTOMATIC PET BOTTLE RINSER-FILLER-CAPPER,PET Bottle rinser,PET bottle filler,PET bottle capper,PET auto equipment,beverage processing machine,food processing machine  


  Feature: 1. PREFORM IN-FEED AND UNSCRAMBLER - Automatic preform conveying system is composed of conveyer belt and unscrambler. Accurate position control eliminates the effect of expansion and contraction of chain. 2. PREFORM HEATING - Accurate temperature control of infrared heaters in various zones of the oven is achieved by electronic control. - Rotation of preform holding mandrels enables the circumference of preform at each zone to be evenly heated. 3. PREFORM CONVEYING SYSTEM - Servo motor control makes delivery of preform to the mould smooth and accurate. 4. MOULD OPEN-CLOSE SYSTEM - Bi-axially oriented bottles from the moulds are picked up by robotic arms and placed in an up-right position on an optional in-line conveyor or leak testing systems. 5. BOTTLE DISCHARGE SYSTEM - State of the art hydraulic system actuates the double cam lock to position the mould quickly, smoothly and accurately. 6. TOUCH SCREEN CONTROL SYSTEM - Computer touch screen communicates with the PLC. - All actions of the machine can be seen on the screen. System has 99 sets of memories. - The system diagnoses and displays the problems on the screen to make trouble shooting easier. more info: Keywords: AUTOMATIC PET STRETCH BLOW MOULDING MACHINE,Blow molding machine,PET auto equipment,beverage processing machine,food processing machine  

PET Crystallizing Machine

 EB Series-8000PPH/12000PPH/16000PPH- Crystallizing Machine Feature: 1. Use the patented Dual-Heating method: (Fig. 5) - To increase the efficiency of heating rate. - To minimize the deformation caused by the temperature gradient in the preform wall. - To ensure a smooth inside of the neck. 2. Composed of twin lanes vertical circularly. (Fig. 1 & 2) - Smaller space required. - Lower running speed; Longer parts life. - Easier to maintain at lower cost. more info: Keywords: PET Crystallizing Machine,Crystallizing Machine,PET auto equipment,beverage processing machine,food processing machine  

MD-3200-Auto Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine

  Feature: 1.Diameter of bottle is ¡í25~155mm, Max bottle could design for especially. 2.Peculiarity rid adjust knife set, in the reange of specification rid adjust razor blade, save time for change production line. Specification of knife set¡G a. ¡í25~60m/m b.¡í50~98m/m c.¡í90~125m/m d.¡í115~155m/m 3.Share design for cylinder & muliti-angle bottle. more info: Keywords: Auto Shrinkable Label Inserting Machine,Label machine,Shrinkable label,PET auto equipment,beverage processing machine,food processing machine